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It’s Wǒ Part 2 – another look at the new skincare brand which fuses beauty and brains

by angelinavc

I’ve already written – and raved about – the new brand . You may have seen my first review! For this follow up, I’m trialling a few different products from the bespoke range. As a reminder, , by Beauty Consociare, a collective of beauty industry experts, is tearing up the rule book when it comes to skincare.

First of all, inclusion is at the heart of the brand, with all products suitable for all skin types and ethnicities. Secondly, it uses an intelligent, online skin diagnostic tool to build each customer a bespoke regime, taking into account all skin types, with a 15-product portfolio to choose from.

Wǒ also has an ‘embrace unique’ tag, inspired by an ancient Eastern philosophy of self-improvement and balance, with the brand’s name meaning ‘I’ or ‘myself’ in Mandarin. This plays out with each customer using the online diagnostic tool, which considers age, ethnicity, lifestyle, diet and environment. Once completed, it instantly provides scores related to eight skin concerns, followed by products tailored to the individual – and ‘ta-da!’ you have your own tailored – and unique for you – line-up of products. 

You start with one of the Daily Base products, which all have different textures and finishes – according to your skin type – with each having a multi-use approach. The Wonder Cream, for instance, cleanses, hydrates and conditions (in fact, all the Daily Base products have been designed as three-step products). The texture of The Wonder Cream is beautifully rich and creamy, yet still lightweight, so it doesn’t feel too oily or heavy on the skin. Made with seven natural plant oils and butters, it feels ultra silky, gliding on and melting on the skin.

First of all, to use as a cleanser, you massage half of the contents of the vial on to the skin, and then wipe it of with a cotton wool pad or tissue. Then, you follow up by rinsing your face with warm water for a thorough double cleanse. Lastly, you moisturise with the remaining formula, letting the actives sink into the skin – skin feels revived and radiant.

The Comfort Balm works in a similar way, but has a completely different feel. Its ‘soft’ texture gives a high performance, rejuvenating effect. High in oils, it is ideal for removing stubborn makeup, while providing valuable skin nutrients and rapid moisture to soothe the skin, leaving it comforted and hydrated. 

Specially formulated by Korean innovation experts, this formula embraces an unusual Asian fermentation technology, using a blend of antioxidants and plant actives – such as lemon fruit flower, fermented shiunko – a Korean medicinal herb blend – raspberry plant stem cell and olive fruit oil. It is also smells amazing, scented with a blend of orange, lemongrass, eucalyptus and petitgrain essential oils.

The third option for the Daily Base, is the Aqua Gel. It has an airy, water-like texture, with a refreshing, cool effect. Made in Switzerland, it contains a super-hydrating H20 Complex, derived from marine and plant-based actives. Best of all is the magical sensation when you use it – as it ‘bursts’ into a thin liquid when applied. Great for dry skin, it drenches your skin for optimum skin cleansing, while going on to plumping and boosting the complexion with lasting moisture.

At the heart of the Wǒ range are the latest technologies available on the market – with research and manufacturing set in both Switzerland and Korea, two countries known for their advanced and quality take on skincare. It is also unique in fusing the latest scientific know-how with a natural, holistic approach – with plant power being integral to how the formulas work.

The next step in the Wǒ concept is the use of one of the Power ToniIQs, (there are 11 to choose from). These are high-performance, lightweight essences and oils, formulated to deliver actives quickly and effectively to the skin. These can be mixed and matched as you see fit, using them on their own or in conjunction with the others that you have been diagnosed with and depending on your specific skin concerns. 

The Intense Hydration Essence is beautifully lightweight, and works to boost hydration levels for dry and mature skin. It is packed with a nourishing blend of botanical moisturising actives and hyaluronic boosters, and provides instant hydration, comfort and relief to dry, dehydrated skin. A cocktail of goodness from watermelon, apple and lentil fruit extracts, softens and hydrates, while skin-softening argan, jojoba and olive oils nourish and condition. Use it and you can immediately see a difference, with skin looking glowing and youthful.

The Anti-Blemish Essence gives immediate, targeted relief to breakouts and blemishes by offering a special skin SOS formulation. It uses a clinically-tested Swiss Alpine Complex to help calm the area around the breakout, together with a blend of AHA/BHA skin resurfacing actives to unblock pores and minimise blemishes.

I’ve been using this overnight, as the formula forms a thin layer of film over the skin, and you can just peel it off in the morning and see the result! Miraculous! Fragrance free, it contains salicylic acid, known for its ability to smooth the surface of the skin, refining the look of pores. It also uses witch hazel floral water, distilled from organic leaves and branches, long used as an astringent to ease skin inflammations, such as spots and blemishes. Put it on overnight, and you’ll wake up with the blemish gone (or at least reduced!)

The Dark Spot Correcting Essence is another blend which targets specific concerns. This time, it contains a special blend of natural plant based actives – such as Swiss cress extract, Chinese cabbage plant peptide and vitamin C – to help fight pigmentation spots caused by natural skin ageing or sun damage. At the same time, it brightens the overall skin appearance so the complexion looks clearer and even. Use it on specific areas to brighten and lessen dark patches, especially if you – like me – have sun damage.

Finally, the Anti-Redness Essence works to calm and reduce redness and has been specially formulated with skin-calming ingredients to help with skin sensitivity and discomfort. As well as a nourishing blend of moisturisers, to ease stressed and irritated skin, it also uses a clinically-tested active from the stem cells of the aubergine plant, to give comfort. Overall, this soothes and is kind to the skin, particularly great when skin feels harsh, irritated or uncomfortable.

One of the highlights of this brand is that the products all come in practical, measured one-use doses, which means less wastage (you use every bit) – and that the formulas remain fresh every time you use them. Perfect for travelling – they are lightweight in your baggage, and you can take exactly what you need when you go away, without the hassle of being weighed down with excess products. They are also really good for in transit, on the plane, for instance, or for overnight stays while on the move.

The mono-dose formulas also equal an eco-conscious philosophy. The lightweight packaging means that the company’s carbon footprint is reduced, not only within the product cycle, but also within the product’s journey to the customer. All of the packaging is recyclable, with 80% of (all of the Power TonIQs and the Revive Oil) made from up to 80% recycled plastic.

It’s good, clean and effective. Wǒ is the way to go.

*This review is based on press samples

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