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Find your own Comfort Zone with the new Sublime Skin collection

by angelinavc

Like food, Italians take their skincare very seriously. I can say this because – being half-Italian – I’ve grown up surrounded by women (aunts, cousins, friends etc) who have always been dabbing on potions, trying out lotions and generally debating the wonders of a new brand they have discovered.

Comfort Zone is one of those under-the-radar labels that you may well not have come across… yet. But – as they say – if you know, you know. It’s made in Parma, Italy and I’ve actually spotted it in the past in a few luxury spas that I have visited, where the brand has a ‘presence’ due to its professional reputation for results and expertise. But I had not tried any of its products at home… until now.

First, a little backstory on the brand: it is passionate about its eco credentials and clean ethics, with more than 20 years of scientific know-how at its heart. Clean, result-driven, sustainable skincare are the buzzwords here. Conscious skin science is the philosophy.

“Conscious is our way of saying ‘sustainable’ and the need to act responsibly,” says Comfort Zone.We have a commitment to guarantee efficacy and safety, choosing high-quality ingredients which respect the skin and the planet and our lines are made in Italy with renewable resources. We choose recyclable packaging, fully CO2 compensated thanks to EthioTrees, a reforestation initiative in Ethiopia.”

The brand works with over 40 scientists, including chemists, biologists and dermatologists, to provide clean, result-driven formulas, highly concentrated in natural-origin and high-tech ingredients. interestingly, Comfort Zone also has its own ‘Scientific Garden’ – an open-air lab at the Davines Village, where the company is based in Parma, where it studies living plants to discover botanical molecules for its innovations.

This intense know-how is tied up with various targeted skin ranges on offer. I’ve been trialling one of the latest – the Sublime Skin range, which is aimed at older women (and men) due to its plumping and lifting effect which is achieved because of its cocktail of high-tech ingredients. It targets skin as the first wrinkles start to show, protecting from photo-aging, and correcting dark spots. The collection works to re-densify the skin’s barrier as it grows thinner and more delicate after the age of around 50. 

Whatever your age, with the winter months approaching, it’s now more important than ever to infuse skin with deep hydration, and to cocoon it in nourishing ingredients to stave off the effects of harsher weather and the signs of ageing. Combining technical know-how, sustainability and high-quality ingredients, that respect both the skin and the planet – this product range is capturing the zeitgeist and it feels very much ‘of the moment’.

The Sublime Skin Cream is perfect as a daily moisturiser. It combines micro and macro–hyaluronic acid, as well as extracts of peony and palmytoil glycine, which help the skin feel and look plumped, more compact and nourished. As we age, the skin starts to sag and lose its contour, these ingredients help to make the face look more defined again and feel visibly smoother. 

It also works really well with the Sublime Skin Oil Serum – this has been designed to be used overnight – and replenishes the skin’s naturally-occurring proteins and lipids, to fight those premature signs of ageing. It also has a gorgeous oil-serum texture, which feels lovely and indulgent on the skin, and gives long-lasting nourishment as you sleep.

The Sublime Skin range is particularly good for women approaching the menopause, as this is when the skin becomes thinner, loses density and also becomes drier. In short, after using the pair together, the complexion is plumper, tighter and more defined with wrinkles and dark spots erased. It’s the essence of La Dolce Vita.

*This review is based on press samples

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