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What we all need right now: Baylis & Harding’s Bottle of Hope

by angelinavc

Who knew soap would come to have so much meaning? How many gallons of the liquid soapiness have we all used in the past year? Who hasn’t yelled – “Wash your hands!” to loved ones, as they’ve come in from the outside? It’s the phrase which has become the battle-cry up and down the country.

British beauty brand Baylis & Harding has become a somewhat unlikely ally in the battle against Covid. Our cleanliness saviour, it has continued to launch inventive scents and formulas to keep our hands clean, our senses clear and bring a touch of scented sanity to the situation. It’s latest edition – the gorgeous Bottle of Hope (£2.15 from boots.com) – is perhaps the most welcome yet. As 2021 is underway, and we are a year on from the start of the pandemic, it dips into our growing need for optimism by channelling the rainbow colours, which have become a symbol of hope, gratitude and solidarity. Your side of the sink has never looked more poignant.

Inside the shiny, rainbow-inspired bottle is a sweet-scented hand wash, scented with a Rainbow Fruit Cocktail fragrance – think: coconut and pineapple blended with jasmine and sensual sandalwood. Just the thing to lift your spirits. Needless to say, the Limited Edition vegan hand wash is also kind to the skin, with a moisturising formulation that removes bacteria, as well as keeping hands feel fresh, clean and soft. 

Bottle of Hope’s cheering rainbow design has been chosen to signify new beginnings, positivity and the hope of brighter times to come. And we all need that right now! These days, life has become so so much more than simply washing our hands.

As an extra boost, and also worth a mention here, is Baylis & Harding‘s travel-sized bottles of Hygienic Hand Gel.

These mini wonders have 75% alcohol with a formula that kills 99.9% of all bacteria. It isn’t gloopy or too runny, and is fragrance free so there’s non of that over-powering alcohol scent left on your hands.

The convenient travel size means you can have one in your bag, in the car and on your person to use whenever you need it. It has a quick-drying antibacterial formula so is just the thing to keep you safe when out and about.


*This review is based on press samples

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