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Baylis & Harding’s fragrant ode to love

by angelinavc

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and, let’s face it, there’s no better year than this year to treat someone you love with a heap of pampering treats. Whether you are buying for a loved-one, dropping a hint for yourself (leave this page open on your laptop), or – hey, why not? – treating yours truly, then take a look at Baylis & Harding‘s saccharine-sweet, love-infused offering.

Pastel pink? Heart-shaped? Chic? Ticks to all of these Valentine must-haves when it comes to the adorable box of Jojoba, Vanilla & Almond Oil Fizzer Set. Pop one of these bath bombs in the bath and it’s time to chill out – it’s the perfect way to add a touch of fizz and simultaneously soak away the dramas of the day. They gently sizzle in the water, releasing an intoxicating scent, so you emerge cleansed, with softened skin, lightly fragranced and glowing.

Also in the same range, is the Jojoba, Vanilla & Almond Oil Cleansing Hand Wash and Body Lotion. The white and baby-pink bottles are bang on-trend, while the formulas are wonderfully kind to the skin – perfect for all the frequent hand-washing we are doing right now.

This would make for a cute little gift, and ideal to pep up your sink aesthetic. The scent is beautifully moorish and indulgent – sweet notes of almond blending with a gourmand vanilla and deep jojoba elements – so that you can’t help but keep on going back for more. I’ve never had cleaner or softer hands!

Third in the range, to complete a perfect trio of candy-styled gifts, is the Luxury Bath Bubbles. I love the fact that this packaging is in the shape of a Champagne bottle, adding a touch of decadence, and celebration, to your bath time. (Well, we have to celebrate something right now, and it may as well be us!)

Add a drop or two to running water, put your favourite music on, turn down the lights and light a candle or six. Watch the bubbles foam up, and the aromas drift around the darkened room. This is the next best thing to a spa appointment. Immerse yourself in the moment. All that’s left is for you to take a moment, and ponder the words, I Love You.

*The Baylis & Harding Jojoba, Vanilla & Almond Oil collection is available at amazon.co.uk


*This review is based on press samples

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