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Spring Reveal: it’s bubbles all round with Eucerin’s Shower Foam

by angelinavc

Is this the longest winter on record? It certainly seems like it. As well as the obvious issues with lockdown, the combination of cold weather and central heating means means that you may be suffering from dryer skin than usual right now.

In fact, dermatological skincare experts Eucerin report that 61% of sufferers say that the condition is worse in the cold season, which has prompted the brand to launch a new Shower Foam to combat dry skin conditions.

The new Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Urea Shower Foam, £11, glides on skin like a dream, and has a soft and gentle formula (it’s so kind to the skin that you can also use it on your face).

The foam is a great alternative to using soaps and shower gels, many of which can dry the skin and make conditions worse. The foam contains mild surfactants to clean and the magic ingredients – urea – which is a natural moisturiser. It also contains glycerin to hydrate the skin. While many products for dry and sensitive skin are odourless, Eucerin’s shower foam actually has a light, soothing perfume which also contains anti-inflammatory properties, keeping both your skin and senses happy.

The subtle scent not only has an uplifting effect, but it has actually has also been especially designed for dry skin and is free of common allergenic ingredients, so as not to irritate the skin or cause redness.

The light foam allows a rub-free and gentle cleansing action to protect skin from further drying out. Step into the shower, and you’ll emerge pampered, pretty and positive.

*This review is based on a press sample

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