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Spring Reveal: Dermatology M’s ancient know-how will transform your skin

by angelinavc

Prepare to shake up how you care for your skin! Just launched this month is Dermatology M, a brand new natural skincare brand, which is made in the UK but has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and brings 30+ years of skincare-know-how led by one of the UK’s leading experts. In short, this is the clever way to give your skin routine an overhaul.

If, like me, you are dealing with ‘troubled’ skin right now, it could be time to ‘shake up’ the products you are using (not literally, of course!) (Why is this happening to so many of us? I don’t know! Is it all the mask wearing? The anxiety of our current times? The lack of normal activities? Hormones? Many of us find we have problematic skin all of a sudden, but we have no idea why!)

Chinese Traditional Medicine underpins Dermatology M’s collection of products, and, arguably, you can’t go wrong with thousands of years of knowledge! The formulas are 95% natural, cruelty-free and use organic ingredients where possible, and they are specifically aimed at those experiencing skin conditions. The label has ranges dedicated specifically for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and acne and it just feels, really progressive.

The all-white, minimalist and, aptly, ‘clean’ aesthetic – gives a hip, clinical feel, which also feels just right at the moment. I really love the pared-back design and the nod to its Chinese roots with the simple typography and use of Chinese characters.

Behind the scenes, the range has been formulated by Mazin Al-Khafaji – a leading dermatologist and authority on Chinese Medicine, so using it you feel secure that it has an acute expertise behind it all.

Mazin came to London as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in the late 1980s, and opened a skin clinic. He assisted in a dermatological trial for patients with severe atopic eczema, and the ointment he crafted for the trial – based on Chinese Medicine – went on to deliver never-before-seen results. He went on to become a world-renowned dermatologist and authority on Chinese Medicine. In 1998, he extended his skin clinic and opened the Avicenna Clinic and Dispensary in Sussex, treating patients with serious skin conditions using ointments and creams handmade on site. Global demand for these trailblazing treatments grew… and word got out. This was when Dermatology M was born, after being introduced to clients in the clinic last year, and now widely launched in 2021.

I have been trying the Jin Yin Hua Honeysuckle Cleansing Wash, £42, which is doing wonders to clear my skin. It brightens and soothes with its cocktail of coconut and sustainable palm oils, honeysuckle extract, palmarosa essential oil and organic rose geranium and sweet orange. It sounds good enough to eat, right? And it feels just as nourishing on the skin. Free from SLS, SLES and soap – so, no nasties – this feels wholly good to use. It also smells dreamy, of natural goodness, yet is very subtle, and goes to work, deep cleaning and whipping off make-up, the day’s debris and pollution. What’s more, it naturally hydrates as it cleans. After you dry your face, the skin is not left dried out, but rather is left bright and glowing.

Next up is the Fei Zi Shui Spot Treatment Gel, £16. This is a lovely, clear gel, that you can apply throughout the day and is super kind and easy to use. Many spot treatments are too harsh and leave the skin bright red and flaky. This, on the other hand, is calming and toning, helping to clear pores and balance oily patches. Cell renewal is boosted and, because it contains a botanical blend of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as soothing organic tea tree oil, aloe vera, organic lavender essential oil and ProVitamin B5, skin is left cared-for, refined and feeling restored. This really is a game-changer.

Finally, for a really targeted approach, the Xiao Cuo Mian Mo Cleanse & Clear Face Mask, £32, is guaranteed to be your new best friend. This facial treatment is a super-cleaner for skin. It detoxifies, smoothes and soothes, naturally refining and clearing skin. Pores are unblocked and skin is left brighter, balanced, more supple. It goes to work in just 15 minutes, and you simply rinse it away with warm water. It has a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, papaya and rhubarb extracts, and has been designed to remove dead skin cells, clear pores and refresh the skin. It is also packed with actives rich in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, and well-known in Chinese Medicine – such as Bisabolol, Redroot, Huang Lian and Huang Qin – which all work to soothe and protect, witch hazel balances oils, and organic tea tree, castor and calendula oils soften and renew. Who’d have thought that all it takes is 15 minutes (and thousands of years of knowledge) to get what you want?


*This review is based on press samples

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