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Get your glow on with Aldi’s Lacura’s take on K Beauty (it’s fruitilicious!)

by angelinavc

If you want to source some of the most forward-thinking beauty products in the world – think: skin-loving textures, unusual ingredients and results-driven remedies – then look to Korean brands. Now, Aldi – renowned for its many convincing beauty ‘dupes’ (affordable versions of big-name brands) – has launched its own collection of K-Beauty, inspired by K-Beauty glow-enhancing innovation and cute appeal.

The five-strong, limited-edition line-up is perfect for the summer months. They just sing ‘sunshine’, not only because they come with vibrant, zingy packaging, but also because the products boast lightweight textures and fruit-infused ingredients – the epitome of sun-drenched days. Just like Aldi’s famous ‘middle-aisle’ products, the range, which is available in store throughout May, and online now, is only available for a short time – when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Included are covetable hydrating overnight masks, brightening serums and luscious lip care, each packed full of vitamins to help get the skin looking radiant. Lacura’s Avocado Bright Eyes Overnight Retinol Mask (£4.49) targets dull and dark under-eye circles and is formulated with coffee seed extract and retinol. Dab it around the delicate eye area before bed, and this sleeping mask will help skin around eyes appear lifted, firmer, and brighter. With added avocado oil, shea butter and – must-have ingredient – niacinamide (Vitamin B3), it is very soothing on the eye area and feels like a brilliant targeted skin boost, which goes to work to soothe and uplift, as you sleep.

The Lacura Pineapple Face Serum (£4.99) contains a combination of pineapple extract, Vitamin C and turmeric extract. It’s a very lightweight serum, which helps to enhance skin tone. Acai extract and sodium hyaluronate means that skin looks smoother and visibly brighter. It goes on like a dream, sinking in to the skin, and leaving it radiant and even – it’s the perfect ‘first step’ product to prep and prime skin.

The trip of Dewy Lip Balms (£1.99) have been designed to hydrate and to plump lips. Available in a choice of fruity flavours – such as Grapefruit, Berry or Pear, lips remain moisturised all day and keep chapped skin at bay.

The range packs a punch in terms of aesthetics but also with its selection of on-trend ingredients – turmeric, sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide are just three examples of ingredients which the leading brands are using in top-end skincare right now. These are known to get results. The Lacura range fuses these with the goodness you get from fruit vitamins, the difference being the price. Best of all, as you pick up your real fruit in Aldi, you now can access the same level of skincare in your basket.

*This review is based on press samples

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