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Keep your Glo on with live fitness classes taught by the professionals

by angelinavc

My, how far we’ve come! Last March, when the pandemic hit and everything all around us began to close – our worlds suddenly got very small, and a stroll around the garden (if you were lucky) was the best we could expect from a fitness routine. Gyms and fitness classes were hit hard but – like many industries everywhere – the most creative and innovative companies began to pivot their business models to reinvent themselves with new, online offerings.

The Glo platform offers a whole range of classes.

At first, many of these were pretty basic – someone in their living room somewhere offering a fitness session was at best frustrating, and, at worse, totally pointless! But after a while, standards began to lift and a renewed professionalism kicked in, especially once the demand was clear to see. Now, over a year on, Zoom, and the like, has transformed how we exercise for ever and how we actually think about getting fit.

Meditation is at the heart of Glo

Fitness platform Glo is one company which is leading the way with innovative classes you can tap into – literally – from home. A well as thousands of professionally filmed on-demand classes, taught by world-class teachers, it offers an interactive community for conversations about health and self-care. What’s more, the pricing is particularly affordable at $18 per month (similar to the cost of one in-person class). 

Yoga in your own time

As well as yoga and meditation, users can accesss HIIT, cardio and strength workouts and Kundalini. Best of all is the new livestream addition to their site for iOS and tvOS devices, allowing Glo members to join each other from around the globe and practice together. 

You can join a live class – virtually.

Fro the past couple of weeks, I’ve been tapping in for daily yoga, to try and slowly regain the fitness I’ve lost due to months stuck at home. For me, this access has been revolutionary. As the world has started to reopen, our lives have got busier again but I’m still not particularly keen to return to the gym. So classes with Glo has allowed me to kickstart my fitness journey again, without it being too time-consuming. All I need is a mat and a connection and I can fit in my routine when it suits me. I particularly like Glo’s filter tool that members can use for specific intentions such as reducing stress, improving sleep, getting a workout, strengthening core, prenatal and more. You determine what you need and when and then just breathe your way through it. It’s the best glo-up you’ll need.

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