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Fooled again: how Aldi’s bargain beauty buys are giving luxe brands a run for their money

by angelinavc

It’s another amazing dupe product from Aldi’s Lacura range. The Hair Mask with Coconut and Fig, £4.99, and Detangling Hair Brush, £2.69, are the perfect duo for reviving dry hair that needs some TLC.

Any beauty aficionado worth their salt will recognise the similarities between Aldi’s vegan hair mask and the luxury hair mask from Coco & Eve, a product which has been in all the beauty pages and allover Instagram of late. They have similar pink, half-moon tubs, pretty typography and luxurious formulas, except, the big difference is that the latter product costs around £32, rather than a fiver! Aldi’s little pink pot of wonder will help haircare fans achieve fresh out of the salon hair, for A LOT less. 

Formulated with a rich cocktail of coconut oil, shea butter and fig water (it smells divine, too), hair is left feeling strengthened and restored from root to tip. For those with heat-damaged hair, the mask is perfect for improving hair texture by targeting frizz and split ends, to reveal healthier looking hair. The hydrating ingredients coupled with active vitamins will transform hair from lacklustre to luscious in just a few minutes – the longer you leave it, the more benefits you get.

Slather it on, and comb it through with the brush, while you soak in the bath, or perhaps do an at-home-facial, and it will nourish, hydrate and deeply condition, so that hair is left visibly smooth and shiny and smelling gorge. As always, with Aldi’s top beauty buys, you have to move quick, ‘cos when they are gone, they are gone. Or as they say, hair today, gone tomorrow.

*This review is based on press samples

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