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Goodness me, Kids: good things are here for the little ones

by angelinavc

Following on from Baylis & Harding‘s launch of its (grown-up) Goodness range – which is rooted in sustainable values with a luxury feel – the British brand has now introduced a new kids’ collection, with the same ethos.

Plant-based, natural and allergen-free, the Goodness Kids collection is a line-up of practical products, suitable for sensitive skins and gentle enough for babies. With their kind-to-skin formulas and invigorating scents, not to mention the vibrant packaging, these feel perfectly ‘of the moment’. They seem to tap into the ‘yearning’ we have right now for all things natural and kind – meaning that grown-ups will definitely be tempted to dip in, too.

The Natural Strawberry Swirl Body Wash swipes away the day’s grime, deep cleanses but doesn’t strip the skin dry or cause any rashes or break-outs. It also feel sumptuous – and unctuous – to use. Dry off and baby-soft skin remains velvety-smooth and gently scented. Pop it in your shower, and you’ll also emerge with cleansed, smooth limbs.

The Watermelon Burst Conditioning Shampoo gets right down to business. There’s no need to mess around with separate shampoos and conditioners – a godsend when you are dealing with kids who tend to fuss when having their hair washed. Great to ‘borrow’ if you are in a rush, too. The 2-in-1 formula simplifies your routine, so there’s no tears or tantrums, and everyone is happy.

Talking of which, the Watermelon Burst Hair Detangler is another essential for your kit. Spritz it on and you can comb seamlessly through knots and curls without any trouble (it also smells divine).

Lastly, comes the Goodness Lavender & Vanilla Natural Bubble Bath. This is ideal for any bedtime routine – let the ‘tiny-tots’ soak in the effervescent bubbles and, before you know it, with its calming scent, the formula goes to work to relax, putting the little ones in the mood for slumber. (Run your own bath afterwards, and you’ll soon join them! It’s ideal to switch off at the end of a busy day or for those who have trouble sleeping.)

Finally, the products are also planet-friendly and eco-conscious with formulas being 95% biodegradable and the bottle fully recyclable. It’s an ‘early start’ to caring for the world around us.

*This review is based on press samples

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