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Hello old favourite: Jo Malone London’s English Pear & Freesia gets a little update

by angelinavc

It’s a fragrance classic, and once you first smell Jo Malone London‘s English Pear & Freesia, there really is no going back. Inspired by orchards awash with golden sunshine, the fragrance has top notes of just-ripe pears wrapped in a bouquet of bright white freesias, mellowed by a base of amber, patchouli and woods. It’s intrinsically seductive.

First introduced in 2010, the scent still has enduring qualities, making it one of the most iconic scents around. “The idea behind English Pear & Freesia was to create something unexpected and explore a different kind of fruitiness, without the sweetness and in combination with an elegant floral,” says Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance.

Fresh and wearable, it is an all time best-seller of the brand and, in all honesty, needs no improvement. But, still… adding to the line, Jo Malone London has recently introduced a limited-edition Cologne and Home Candle in an elegant, fluted glass design, as well as an extra-large 500ml Body & Hand Wash.

Created with meadow foam seed, this bathroom essential gently cleanses skin, leaving body and hands feeling conditioned and soft. It’s the perfect product for our times. What’s more, in line with Jo Malone’s ethos, all the products have been designed for layering and work well together to spritz on every day or with other fragrances for something more unique, such as Wood Sage & Sea Salt or Wild Bluebell.

“Like many of our fragrances, it’s incredibly evocative,” says Celine. “When you smell it, you’re instantly transported to an orchard where juicy fruit mingles with blooming flowers. There’s also something unexpected about the combination of key ingredients, which is another very Jo Malone London trait, and it’s got that freshness and elegance we’re known for. Ultimately, it’s just such an appealing and wearable fragrance, which is something all our fragrances strive to be.”

*This review is based on a press sample

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