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Aldi cleans up with its ‘Wellness’ Washes

by angelinavc

With their gorgeous, heady scents, organic design ethos and 100% vegan ingredients, Aldi‘s latest Wellness range – a collection of desirable hand washes and lotions – are unbeatable value.

For those lusting after that ‘just had my house in Architectural Digest‘ feel – where every sink has an Aesop designer soap next to it – this is absolutely the next best thing. Check out the amber bottles, the Kraft paper labels and the natural ingredients – all for under £3 (who could want for more?)

But they don’t just look good, Aldi‘s Aromatic Hand Wash (£2.49) is not only a steal with its affordable price, but it also has a formula which cleanses hands without drying them out. It is enriched with essential oils that effectively remove bacteria while still hydrating the skin. 

The matching  Wellness Aromatic Hand Lotion (£2.49), gives an added touch of TLC, infusing the skin with hydration and gently scenting them.

Both are available in a choice of nourishing Avocado Oil and Verbena Leaf Extract or Argon Oil with hydrating Aloe Vera, making for the perfect winter products.

*This review is based on press samples

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